What’s On

Starting early 2023

The City-to-City Incubator provides a rigorous church planter training course for those planting churches in the north of England. The Incubator was developed by Redeemer City-to-City and has been used internationally. Running over two years, the Incubator programme consists of 16 full-day training modules. These modules begin with the theological foundations of gospel ministry, and move toward increasingly complex leaderships topics that follow the typical lifecycle of a new church. Each session contains time for peer-to-peer coaching, personal spiritual formation and reflection, and application to real-world problems you face as a planter.

Please contact Ralph to register your interest.

Planters Collective

Groups of 5-10 church planters who meet monthly to share, pray for each other and receive ongoing peer-to-peer training. They are a source of enormous encouragement and support to church planters in the city.

Upcoming dates:

12-Jan-2023  /  23-Mar-2023  /  20-Apr-2023  /  08-Jun-2023  /  06-Jul-2023


Please contact Ralph to register your interest.

Church planting should not be like building a building – one big traumatic event followed by a deep collective sigh of relief that it’s done. Paul was continually engaged in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting… church planting should be as much an ongoing, natural part of your ministry as worship, evangelism, fellowship, education, and service.

Tim Keller