Breaking Ground Launch Conference 2022 Videos

Collaborating for the City

Femi Osunnuyi

Planting Churches that Plant Churches

Neil Powell

Why you must be involved in church planting

Femi Osunnuyi

Start with Why?

Ralph Cunnington

What happened in Birmingham?

Neil Powell & Jonathan Bell

What’s Possible in Manchester?

Ralph Cunnington & Tim Simmonds

Together for the City

Jonathan Bell

Why the Northern Gospel Project?

Tim Simmonds & Ralph Cunnington

Other Videos

Love the City

Redeemer City to City


Center Church

Timothy Keller

Together For the City

Neil Powell & John James


Colin Baron, Tom O’Toole & Tim Simmonds

Planting Missional Churches

Ed Stetzer

Planting For the Gospel

Graham Benyon

Perfect Unity

Ralph Cunnington


Broadcast Podcast

Carey Nieuwhof Podcast

Older Pastor, Younger Pastor